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Mainframe’s a Facebook addict

Duke: Mainframe! This is the nth time I caught you Facebooking while on duty!

Mainframe: Sorry, Duke. Can’t help it. The Baroness just posted some hot pics on her account.


Duke in the wasteland

More pics of ROC Duke:

Here’s some alternate shots. I call these the ‘moonlight scenes’.

Duke senses something out there

Duke senses someone–or something–has penetrated the camp perimeter.

Cobra’s one-time weapons supplier has decided to become a warlord himself. Destro, 17th in a line of a family of arms merchants, has formed his own army, the Iron Grenadiers.

Exhibit A

Finally, a glass display case for my G.I.Joe action figures! I was able to buy this case in Yaowarat (Bangkok’s Chinatown) in March this year with the help of another collector, Pandit. At 500 Baht each, this display case is a must-have. It can accommodate up to seven figures (more, if you don’t mind cramming them). It comes with three steps so that each figure can be given some prominence. Will try to get another one soon!

Cover Story

Toysoldier118 had a thread about coming up with dioramas in homage of comic covers from Marvel’s G.I.Joe series. One of my favorite storylines is the Cobra Civil War. I recently got hold of another HISS tank, along with a 25th Anniversary boxset Baroness and a single pack Serpentor. I tried to place a 25th Anniversary BAT in the tank’s cockpit, as the comic cover showed, but it was a no go–the BAT seems too big for the cockpit. With some strings snatched from my wife’s sewing kit, here’s my modest tribute to this particular cover:

Video Vipers

What Cobra Vipers do during their downtime:

Viper 1: Hey guys, what’s up?

Viper 2: Sshhhh…!

Viper 1: PIGGERY!!!

Viper 2: Piggery? Bakit?

Viper 1: E kasi binababoy niya si Katrina!

Viper 3:  Ssshhh! Quiet! Di ko marinig iyong lyrics ng “Careless Whisper”!


With the Defender out of commission, the only chance for Hawk, Breaker and Rock and Roll to get back to base is to call for a ride.  Breaker reports getting only static. Looks like it’s going to be a long march ahead for the three of them.

Death of a Cobra Trooper

A Cobra blue trooper with a gas mask didnt know what hit him.

A Cobra blue trooper with a gas mask didn't know what hit him.