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No mercy from Mercer

Every Joe fan knows Mercer is the former Viper who defected to GIJoe.

I’m trying to come up with a brief story on why and how he did so.

This is a preview:

Mercer shoots dead a fellow Viper.

But their squad leader walks in at the wrong moment.

For Mercer, there is only one recourse…

And once the killing starts, there is no turning back.

“Now all I got to do is get off this island.”



I’m trying to work out what happened before and after these scenes. For me, Mercer is one of the interesting characters in the Joe-verse, having made a 180-degree turn from Cobra to GIJoe.  As with any turncoat in real-life, I expect him to out-Joe the other Joes if only to prove his loyalty to the new cause. But this would create more interesting twists in the plot.

I was planning to do a Mercer custom using the Hawk head, but thankfully, Hasbro recently released the 7-pack containing Mercer and the rest of the Renegades–Red Dog and Taurus (why was he re-named ‘Bull’?) along with the Marauders. I have to get my hands on that figure soon!


Paravipers offloaded

Here’s a dio-vignette (I can’t call it a story yet):


Another day, another mission for a pair of Paravipers.


A mission that like a dozen others has been scrubbed.


“Uh oh!”


The first Paraviper drops dead even before his partner could shout, “Joes!”


The surviving Paraviper tries to shoot from the hip but it’s too late…


…Helix has already squeezed the trigger.


(another angle)


The remaining Paraviper’s final moments


And all this time, Wild Weasel has been lying dead on the tarmac.

Cobra comes a-knocking

Here are two scenes from a dio-comic story I’ve been working on the past months. It might take several more months before the final shape takes place, but the basic story is that a GIJoe base is infiltrated by Cobra, and only Shipwreck, Cover Girl, Sgt. Stone, and a handful of Pit Commandos (those generic GIJoe support troops also known as Green Shirts in another incarnation) plus MPs are there to repel the enemy.

Cover Girl and Shipwreck respond to an alarm (in the film version, Cover Girl dies at the hand of Zartan, but in my Joe-verse, she lives).


Who would have thought the legendary Firefly would be caught in the act by MPs and second-tier troops?


For these shoots, I found that the Rise of Cobra (ROC) figures blend well with the mostly-gray color of the vintage playset, Transportable Tactical Battle Platform. I don’t intend the story to happen entirely in the TTBP as I can’t shoot outdoors. I used the TTBP as a backdrop to create the illusion (hopefully) of the interior of an older and bigger base, complete with a dark atmosphere.

Wild Bill’s Ride

When he’s not busy flying the Dragonfly attack helicopter, Wild Bill spends his time riding another kind of chopper.

Cobra’s Fury

A Cobra Fury tank patrols a downtown street, escorted by a couple of Alley Vipers.

Wild Bill’s covering fire

As Outback helps a wounded Beach Head, Wild Bill gives them covering fire.


SWAT specialist Shockwave (now renamed Shockblast) is a welcome addition to the 25th Anniversary line. This figure, packaged with pilot Destro, is definitely a worthy homage to the Joes’ doorkicker. He retained his urban SWAT uniform (light blue color with darker hues to complete the urban camo scheme). The figure also has fair to good articulation of joints. Another plus is the use of 25th Anniversary Snow Job legs and feet, giving Shockblast more stability in standing.

Though it is a bit disappointing that he didn’t come with his Ingram machine pistol, backpack and Bowie knife, Hasbro did come up with a few surprises, like a removable cap. In this picture, I let him handle a pump shotgun from Marauders.

Among the nice stuff came with is this gas mask, for those time when he and his team have to use CS or tear gas grenades before entering a room.

Hasbro tried to compensate for the missing Ingram by giving him two pistols instead. I didn’t know he’s ambidextrous. A Kevlar helmet was also thrown in, so you can have several choices of headgear (cap or helmet) or gas mask.

Shockblast, at home in the urban jungle.

Outback tries to elude Range Vipers searching for him.

This is my homage to the cover of GIJoe Special Missions issue no. 6. Outback was the only one to escape from the disastrous mission in Borovia, forced to leave behind Stalker, Outback and Snow Job. He was able to elude the pursuing Borovian soldiers led by Col. Ratnikov.

A couple of years after its release, I finally found a use for one of the 1:18 figures from the Wolverine movie, specifically the Lumberjack Wolverine figure.

Though I’m not a fan of Marvel Superheroes, I decided to buy this figure primarily because of its civilian attire. I need some non-military looking characters in my collection who can serve as either civilians, militiamen or even OpFors.

Lumberjack Wolverine comes with his basic trademark–his retracting claws:

However, instead of looking menacing, the supporting plastic in between the claws make the whole thing appear like an elongated version of the webbed feet of ducks instead:

The saving grace of this figure is a set of normal hands (unlike the others in the series wherein Wolverine gets two sets of hands with extended claws).

In the accessories category, it’s a bit disappointing as he gets only an ax (yeah, I know he’s a lumberjack but perhaps a chainsaw could’ve been also thrown in?)

One unique feature of this figure is the articulation of his upper legs (which in my opinion doesn’t add any value; the Joes’ 25th line articulation is still better).

And one other complaint I have is the way the lower legs are twisted so much that it’s difficult for me to pose Wolverine in a standing position. I have to use a figure stand everytime. I’m not sure if this is only a defect of my action figure or if the others also suffer from this anomaly.

OK, so far, I’ve been ranting. Now let’s go to the good part.

As I’ve said, I like this figure for its potential as an anonymous/non-military addition or even paramilitary figure to my 1:18 collection.

Wolverine’s head has to go, of course. His visage is so well-known it won’t serve well in my dios/photos, unless the concept calls for it.

Here’s one simple custom I did: A private military contractor figure. I used the Pit Commando’s helmet, and utility belt, flak vest and an assault rifle from Marauders.

I used also one of the heads of the Green Shirts.



I also used this figure in a dio depicting Fred VII’s shooting of Cobra Commander.

Over-all, this figure, despite its shortcomings, can still be a good addition in your custom/cannon fodder corner.

Ripcord catches up with Scrap-Iron

“And this…is for Candy!”